The history behind the organization that registered the Protected Designation of Origin for Ron de Guatemala dates back to the 1940s when the Government first enacted legislation on spirits. The law mandated that producers age spirits for at least a year before selling them to the public.

As a result, the manufacturers of alcohol, spirits and liquors joined forces to establish the largest ageing facility in the country, known as the Central Añejadora Guatemalteca, S.A.

In later years as conditions evolved, the group set up additional ageing centers.

In May 1946 the manufacturers founded an association to gather the main producers of alcoholic beverages in the country. The bylaws were approved shortly thereafter on March 7, 1947 to officially establish the National Association of Alcohol and Spirits Manufacturers, known as ANFAL.

At this point, ANFAL is comprised of alcohol and spirits manufacturers in Guatemala and also holds the position of Vice Chair representing Central America and the Caribbean at OriGin -a global coalition of producers with geographical indications working to protect them worldwide and to promote geographical indications as tools for sustainable development.



Sugarcane is first planted in Guatemala following the arrival of the Spaniards. Plantations required sugar mills and processing facilities to produce refined sugar.



The city of Santiago de Guatemala obtains the rights to sell sugarcane aguardiente throughout the provinces of the Spanish kingdom in America.



A total of 145 aguardiente producing facilities are registered in Guatemala.



To ensure quality, the Government of Guatemala enacts legislation in the 1940s on alcoholic spirits requiring distilleries to age their products for at least a year before selling to the public.



It creates ANFAL, the entity grouping independent producers and manufacturers alcohols and spirits in Guatemala.



The Ron de Guatemala industry launches a very successful participation in international competitions, gaining recognition all over the world.



The Intellectual Property Registry in Guatemala approves the Designation of Origin for Ron de Guatemala.



Ron de Guatemala is the first certification of its kind to be recognized by the European Union.