Solera: rum from virgin sugarcane honey aged at high altitudes in white oak casks.
Solera Añejo: rums from virgin sugarcane honey aged at high altitude in white oak casks are blended prior to bottling.
Solera Reserva: blend of rums made from virgin sugarcane honey aged at high altitude in wine-infused white oak casks.
Solera Gran Reserva: blend of rums made from virgin sugarcane honey aged at high altitude in white oak casks previously infused with at least two different wines.
Solera Gran Reserva Especial: blend of rums made from virgin sugarcane honey aged at high altitude in white oak casks previously infused with at least three different wines.

Ron Zacapa Centenario XO


Dominant Note: Exquisitely balanced and the perfect combination of sweetness, spice and fruit. A total delight for the connoisseur –the loftiest expression of the Rum Master´s gifted artistry.

Color and Appearance: Mahogany edged with red evokes ageing in wooden casks with long slow development.

Nose: Very welcoming nose with abudant aromas that further unfold with every whiff. Strikes an amazing balance between mature roasted oak, spun-sugar caramel, roasted dried fruit, marzipan and orange peel. A delicate floral note of honeysuckle lingers in the background.

Mouth Feel: A deliciously intricate and balanced richness of sweet fruit, spice and liquor enhanced by years of repose in French oak casks. A long, sweet, slow finish with striking notes of dark chocolate, cherries and the intense flavor of raisins, currants, dates and plums. Sweet oak and cloves, vanilla and cinnamon with lighter notes of dried mango and raspberries finish with the slightest hint of ginger.





Scent: Notes of vanilla with hints of chocolate, apricot, wood and caramelized fruits.

Taste: At first, exotic, structured and complex. A different flavour to others in the same range: hints of chocolate and vanilla give the rum an exquisite balance with notes of fruits and toasted almonds.

After Taste: Reserva Limitada has a bold flavour with a smooth and persistent finish.


Ron Zacapa Centenario Black Label


Dominant Note: A strong and intricate personality with woody complexity and dried fruits at the forefront of the rum flavor profile at 43% alcohol content.

Color and Appearance: Light mahogany edged with a tint of green shows the signs of slow ageing in wooden casks with a long, gradual contour that clings to the glass.

Nose: Extremely expressive and engaging with notes of dried figs, chocolate, dried fruit and exotic spices, almonds, vanilla and roasted cocoa.

Mouth feel: Hearty and smooth with an enticing finish and lingering memories of spice, woodiness and smokiness.


Ron Zacapa Centenario 23


Dominant Note: Deliciously complex honeyed caramel with spiced oak and raisin flavors that speak to the complexity of the Solera ageing system.

Color and Appearance: Aged with contours of a long, slow journey that clings to the glass with a dark glint of mahogany and reddish highlights.

Nose: The bouquet promises complex possibilities in the glass: sweet toffee, vanilla, cacao and caramel syrup evoke the layered flavors that reveal each of the oak casks used in the Solera process. Hints of sherry, Brazil nuts and roasted hazelnuts together strike a characteristic balance with banana and dried pineapple from the casks that previously aged American whiskey.

Mouth feel: Wonderfully intricate, generous and full bodied. A sweet honey syrup not usually found in an aged spirit. Incredible depth of raisins and apricot preserves drive toward a savory oak core to evoke nutmeg, leather and tobacco with notes of coffee and sweet vanilla offset by a touch of cinammon and a dash of ginger, pleasantly astringent. Truly a rum for the refined palate with a hearty, balanced finish.