Father Time and Mother Nature joined forces in Guatemala to sculpt fiery volcanoes, majestic mountains and fertile valleys marked by swiftly flowing rivers, serene lakes, rich soils and lush forests. In an area of just over 100,000 square kilometers, nature generously embraces modernity and ancestral traditions, paying a continuous nod to history.

This fertile land is the birthplace of Ron de Guatemala. Having beguiled palates for almost a century, today we are proud to present the DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN FOR  RON DE GUATEMALA.

The recognition comes after many years  of effort to develop the unique characteristics and profiles that go into systematically producing Ron de Guatemala. This provides you with quality assurances, providing you with a  thoroughly sensorial experience.

The Administrative Body for the Designation of Origin for Ron de Guatemala is responsible for ensuring the singular qualities of each rum and for overseeing the processes and certifications that guarantee quality throughout each step of production.